I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a big family with a lot of animals where I was unschooled for most of my K-12 education. I loved to read (still do) and escaped into books to avoid hard things, riding the 67F bus down to the Carnegie Library and carrying home as many books as I could many days a week. Then I moved to Saint Louis, MO to attend Washington University in St Louis where I studied Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Creative Writing. Now I live in Birmingham, AL because my husband is attending medical school here. I have traveled all over the United States, as well as abroad to Ireland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Iceland. I briefly lived in Bellingham, WA and adore the Pacific Northwest. I have a strong desire to someday live in Santa Fe. I hate being on airplanes but love carbonated drinks, my dogs, modern poetry, modern art museums & all things spiritual. I am a lifelong vegetarian, have lived in more apartments and houses than I can count, was once homeless and have hitchhiked up the California coast.

I can be reached at kaitmauro@gmail.com for photography inquiries or anything else.