Two or Three Weeks

Current Meds:

Latuda (120mg at night)
Celexa (40mg in the morning)
Klonopin (1-3mg a day, as needed)
Lyrica (75mg at night, 50mg in the morning & 50mg in the afternoon)

I haven’t had a panic attack in two-three weeks – which is amazing! They were occurring multiple times a day there for a while & it was causing me to become a bit of a shut-in. I think some combination of the Lyrica (even though I’m not even at what’s considered to be the “therapeutic dose” yet) & therapy is helping.

Big step: Yesterday I was able to drive to a place in Montgomery, go in & do my thing there & drive home ALL WITHOUT LENA (my little dog) WITH ME. I haven’t done something by myself (without a dog or another person with me) in so long. It was liberating & I want to keep taking steps to get out there in the world on my own, to battle my anxiety, to reason with that visceral feeling that says “You are not safe out here alone, be afraid, go home, flee.”

Tonight I have another challenge/opportunity. I was invited to a jewelry making party by a woman I know a little bit from a photography grant I received a while back. I’m excited to go because a) it sounds like fun & b) there might be other women there I can become friends with who live in Montgomery. Hopefully I don’t get too anxious going alone because I doubt I can take Lena to this thing. But hey, another step in the journey towards being more functional.


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