I’m having an overwhelming night of anxiety after talking with an old friend on the phone about some things I hadn’t thought about in a while but that are distressing. I’ll try to share about them tomorrow but tonight I need to just take care of myself.

So here’s the plan:

A nice long hot shower

Audiobook for distraction, possibly while knitting


Tidying up my artist studio

Lemongrass incense

I have a lot to say, a lot to talk with my therapist about during our next appointment on Tuesday morning, a lot to write about and process in this space. But now, tonight, I just need to get myself back to center because right now I can’t seem to relax or focus on anything. I’ve already had one anxiety attack today & I do not need or want another one.

Some things I am grateful for because sometimes that helps:

Muse taking the time to hold me and talk with me earlier when the overwhelm was at its peak

Veggie burgers

The warm little dog on my lap under the soft blanket

The hummingbird that flew up to me today & startled me at first but then was magical, hovering

Bees on my outdoor flowers

My fish

The big dog & the cat too

Muse being around, although studying all day, tomorrow

Muse & I getting this weekend together before he begins his next rotation

My insulin pump

Our little yellow rented house

Hot running water so I can take said shower

Clean, comfy clothes to change into after

The ability to dance

My body & all that it allows me to do

Old friends


My worms

Still being young

Friendly neighbors

A less stressful holiday season than usual to look forward to this year



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