I was first diagnosed with depression as a child. Then again my sophomore year of college. Then, shortly later, the diagnosis was changed from major depression to bipolar disorder by my current psychiatrist. I have survived one suicide attempt (3 days in the ICU that I barely remember, 1 day on the medical floor waiting for a bed in the psych ward to open up, 3 days in the psych ward, then some recommended out-patient that turned out to be bullshit). Around age 24 a borderline personality disorder diagnosis was tacked on. I also struggle with anxiety, panic attacks & occasional agoraphobia but I’m not sure what about this it officially says on my records.

I currently take Latuda (120mg), Celexa (40mg) & Klonopin (2-3mg) daily. I’ve been on almost everything except Lithium. Someday I’ll get my hands on a list & post it.

I have been in & out of therapy since I was first diagnosed with depression as a child. I do not self-harm. I struggle with body image sometimes, usually when I’m under a lot of stress, but have never met the criteria for an eating disorder diagnosis.

I had a strange childhood that included physical, emotional & sexual abuse as well as neglect & medical trauma.

Yet, here I am.


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